Investigating the effects of lightweight recycled bumper and chassis system on vehicle crashworthiness

Gürer, Batuhan
Accidents are one of the main reasons of death for people across the globe, among which automobile accidents are a major portion resulting in fatalities and various injuries. Crashworthiness is an engineering concept that is used to analyse the ability of vehicle structure to cover and protect passengers in the case of an accident or impact. Crashworthiness aims to affect the design of the structure of the vehicle so that it absorbs as much energy as it can which is sustained from an impact by plastically deforming in a controllable behaviour. The remaining amount of the impact energy can then be handled by the restraint system to protect the occupants from the consequences of the secondary impact in the vehicle. The current trend in automobile design and manufacturing is to increase the number of lightweight and recycled components that forms the vehicle. In this way, an effort towards sustainable manufacturing and reducing carbon footprint is made. However, using unconventional materials might affect the strength and energy absorption capabilities of the automobile chassis and body that may induce a change in the crashworthiness of the vehicle. This study aims to bring insight into the effects of lightweight and recycled bumper beam system in vehicle crashworthiness through computational modelling. In addition, investigations of crashworthiness of different modifications that are made on the system geometry are carried out. Various finite element models embodying lightweight and recycled bumper beam systems are generated and simulated to evaluate several design choices and modifications.


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B. Gürer, “Investigating the effects of lightweight recycled bumper and chassis system on vehicle crashworthiness,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.