Examining the approaches of OHS professionals to the reasons for falls from height

Akarsu, Deniz
Except motor vehicles accidents, the death rate on occupational accidents which occur falling from high places or into depths, is higher than any other accidents. According to the importance of the topic, in the study, examining the approaches of OHS professionals to the reasons and effects of occupational accidents which occur as falling from heights is aimed. For this, 100 accident inspection reports from Labor Inspection Board were surveyed. Accident reasons were derived from those reports. Those reasons were evaluated by 125 occupational health and safety professionals according to their importance. The participants of the evaluation were OHS experts and OHS inspectors at State Agencies, academicians in the field of OHS and occupational safety experts from private sector. Then, the evaluation results were analyzed through a statistic pocket program to see if they had any significant difference according to the experiences of participants and where the participants work. Through analysis; it is observed if the participants have different points of view to the accident reasons. As a result, preventing and decreasing actions about the determined priorities were offered.
Citation Formats
D. Akarsu, “Examining the approaches of OHS professionals to the reasons for falls from height,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Occupational Health and Safety., Middle East Technical University, 2019.