Eurocentrism of the resource curse theory: The case of Saudi Arabia

Yakut, Sarp
The main problem that the thesis addresses is the examination of the Saudi Arabian economic development through the resource curse theory perspective. That approach is found as Eurocentric. Rather than analysing the economic development trajectory of Saudi Arabia through the context of the resource curse theory, this thesis tries to demonstrate that the development trajectory of Saudi Arabia is unique and it has developed in accordance with its historical state building process. It argues that argue that not only the resources alone, but also the existence of oil wealth and the country’s relations with the West at its state formation and the historical economic pattern are the key issues in Saudi Arabian development case, which from the very beginning did not evolve/or intend to evolve according to Western development experience neither in terms of its historical economic realities nor in terms of its economic development programmes. Resource curse theory compares and contrast the economic developments of any given country with the Western countries. That approach is found problematic because historically speaking, Western countries and the countries which are analysed through resource curse theory has experienced different processes. In order to analyse the Saudi Arabian economic development trajectory, the concept of rentier state will be used as a tool and the state formation of Saudi Arabia will be examined through that concept. Furthermore within the thesis specific focus will be given to Saudi Arabian economic development plans to see what Saudi Arabia aimed and what it has achieved.
Citation Formats
S. Yakut, “Eurocentrism of the resource curse theory: The case of Saudi Arabia,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.