Intergenerational influence on sustainable consumption attitudes and behaviors

Eşsiz, Oğuzhan
Intergenerational influence (IGI) refers to the transfer of skills, preferences, choices, beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors from one generation to another, where it is often studied under the broader heading of consumer socialization. Admittedly, consumer researchers have studied IG transmission of different consumption attitudes and behaviors within the family. However, IG consumer research explicitly examining sustainable consumption attitudes (SCAs) and behaviors (SCBs) is significantly lacking. Thus, the present dyadic study will attempt to understand the existence of IGI on fifteen different SCAs and SCBs between two members of a given family: mothers and college-age daughters, using parallel survey methodology, nominal dyad method, and self-reported measures. In particular, two following factors will be studied in the domain of IGI, namely, parent-child communication and peer influence. Moreover, the direction of IGI will be investigated based on the co-orientational model and partially confirmed with dyads’ subjective knowledge on sustainable consumption. Responses obtained from 146 Turkish mother-daughter dyads. Data analyzed using IBM SPSS V25.0, AMOS 25, and utilizing a macro tool for randomizations. Results of the study not only revealed the existence of IGI on dyads’ SCAs and SCBs after accounting for nominal effects but also indicated that communication effectiveness between mother-daughter pairs is positively related to IG similarity, whereas peer influence on daughters is negatively related to IG transmission of SCAs and SCBs. Results surprisingly confirmed the existence of reverse IGI on sustainable consumption. Outcomes of this study are believed to contribute to the sustainable consumer socialization literature by providing a better understanding of IG transmission of sustainable consumption and may help practicing marketers to develop communication and positioning strategies while enhancing sustainability marketing efforts.
Citation Formats
O. Eşsiz, “Intergenerational influence on sustainable consumption attitudes and behaviors,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.