Energy efficient mobile web via scripts&stylesheets based transcoding

Ünlü, Hüseyin
Mobile devices have become essential in our daily lives and the requirements of the mobile platform are increasing everyday. Although mobile devices nowadays are technically much more stronger than the desktops in the past and their battery capacity is increasing at around 3% per year, they still have some limitations in terms of battery size, processing power and device memory. These limitations have effects on browsing web pages since they are not totally designed for mobile use and it takes more power than necessary on the client side. In order to save energy and extend the battery life, there are some guidelines for web site programmers. However, most programmers are not aware of these guidelines and therefore most web sites do not adhere to these guidelines. Important components of modern web sites are the scripts that make them dynamic and stylesheets that are used for visual rendering. These two are external components of web sites that are shown to have effect on the downloading time of web pages. This MSc thesis first investigates the effect of scripts and stylesheets on the energy consumption of web pages on mobile devices, and then propose two techniques, which are (1) concatenating external script and stylesheet files and (2) minifying external script and stylesheets, that can be used to transcode web pages to improve energy consumption and therefore improve battery life on the client side, without changing the look&feel of the web pages and without adding extra load on the client side or the server. The evaluation results show that the proposed techniques achieved statistically significant energy saving.


Transcoding web pages for energy saving on the client-side
Ahmed, Eda Koksal; Yeşilada Yılmaz, Yeliz; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2016-2)
Mobile devices are essential to everyday life in order to have access to information everywhere. However, browsing web pages can be inconvenient on these devices because of the various constraints, such as limited battery size, processing power and device memory. As a result of these limitations, while browsing a web page, the battery of the mobile devices is drained. To solve this inconvenience and save energy while browsing, this thesis presents transcoding techniques that can be applied to web pages with...
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H. Ünlü, “Energy efficient mobile web via scripts&stylesheets based transcoding,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.