Determination of work capacity of a petro-forge.

Aydın, Abdullah


Determination of waste recieving capacity of İzmit Bay.
Uğurlu, Ayşenur; Balkaş, Tuğrul; Department of Environmental Engineering (1988)
Determination of optimum cropping pattern of irrigation fields
Özcan, Cem; Altan Sakarya, Ayşe Burcu; Department of Civil Engineering (2017)
Water and nutrients are the main physiological requirements of human beings and therefore vegetal nutrients are of great importance to humans. In order to obtain the required plant diversity under the conditions of variable climate, soil and topography, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of water required by the plant during the growing season is stored in the root zone of the plant, which is called "irrigation". Global warming and population growth factors increase the need for water, which necessit...
Determination of the experiment sample size in electric discharge machining.
Darendeliler, Haluk; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1983)
Bawani, Muhammad Raheel; Arol, Ali İhsan; Tozsin, Gülşen; Department of Mining Engineering (2021-12-17)
Oltu-stone (Jet Stone), also known as black amber, is a fossilized, organic, and natural material formed by the transformation of certain trees under high pressure. It is called Oltu-stone because its occurrences are primarily located in the Oltu district of Erzurum. Generally, it is mined by small miners from nearby villages using rather primitive methods. After a rough sorting at the mine site, Oltu-stone is mainly used in manufacturing worry beads, tespih, and to a lesser extent, certain ornamental goods...
Determination of risk of failure in EHV systems.
Şener, Şerif; Department of Electrical Engineering (1978)
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A. Aydın, “Determination of work capacity of a petro-forge.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.