Genel Fizik Laboratuvarı Deneyleri

Olpak, Mehmet Ali
Baytemir, Gülsen


Genel Kimya Laboratuvarı Deneyleri (Türkçe)
Monetary Policy in The General Theory
Ekinci, Nazım Kadri (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2008-6)
The theory of interest rate is central to Keynesian macroeconomics. This paper provides an interpretation of Keynes’ conventional theory of the interest rate. Accordingly, the interest rate can only be determined in the market, if expectations converge. The central bank is a market-maker, because of its capacity to manage expectations and to affect market outcomes. On the other hand, interest rate and asset prices determine the rate at which wealth is converted into income. This may be a crucial considerati...
Genel matematik de calculus öğrenci hataları
Ubuz, Behiye (1999-03-01)
ADM formulation of generic massless spin-2 gravity
Doğru, Müslüm; Tekin, Bayram; Department of Physics (2018)
We give a review of the article [1], which uses the Dirac constraint analysis and 3 + 1 split of geometrodynamics[2] to create the Hamiltonian formulation of some gravitational actions. We apply the suggested methods to, Born-Infeld extension of New Massive Gravity, (BINMG) theory and find out the constraints and their classifications except for two constraints. The number of degrees of freedom in BINMG depends on the classification of these two constraints. We could not determine the classes of these two c...
Investigating trim algorithms for a utility helicopter
Demirel, Anıl.; Yavrucuk, İkay.; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2019)
Obtaining trim positions of an aircraft is an issue of importance. In this thesis, the aim is to develop a procedure that can achieve the trim points with reasonable assumptions for the entire flight of a helicopter. In order to achieve this goal an autopilot is used to determine the trim points. A high-fidelity flight model is used. The structure is based on GENHEL model. Helicopter trim states are calculated for specified flight conditions. The parameters that are sensitive to trim convergence are determi...
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