Arms coordination test device

Aydoğan, Gülfer
Sülo, Remzi
Sümer, Hayriye Canan
Koku, Ahmet Buğra
Korkmaz Erol, Habibe Tuğba
Eriş, Ayda
A coordination test device (30) which is integrated to a computer (10) which has a processor (11) and a data base (12) to provide determining candidates hand and arm coordination ability. Said coordination test device (30) comprising; a casing (31), a touch screen monitor (20) is provided inside of casing (31) as candidates can access, a drawing mechanism (40) is provided on the casing (31) which can be move over the touch screen monitor (20) and an electronic pen (50) which location can be detected by touch screen monitor (20), is provided on the drawing mechanism (40).
Citation Formats
G. Aydoğan, R. Sülo, H. C. Sümer, A. B. Koku, H. T. Korkmaz Erol, and A. Eriş, “Arms coordination test device,” 00, 2014.