Asphalt foam collapse test methods and related apparatus

Öztürk, Hande Işık
Kutay, Muhammed Emin
The disclosure relates to asphalt foam collapse test methods and related apparatus for the measurement and determination of foamed asphalt binder quality, in particular warm-mix asphalt. Various asphalt binder/foam quality indicators can be measured according to the disclosure, such as bubble size distribution, bubble surface area, foam expansion ratio, foam half-life, foam index, as well as normalized parameters related to the same. The disclosed methods and apparatus permit the repeatable characterization and formation of foamed asphalt compositions, enabling the skilled artisan to form foamed asphalt/aggregate compositions of known, repeatable quality. This enhances the ability to form WMA foamed asphalt concrete with controlled and favorable properties selected for the particular environmental conditions (e.g., climate-, weather-, and/or traffic-related) where the concrete is to be used.
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H. I. Öztürk and M. E. Kutay, “Asphalt foam collapse test methods and related apparatus,” 00, 2014.