Numerical solution of nonlinear equations.

Nurhat, Enver Cahit


Numerical solution of circular cylindrical shell equations.
Uğur, Ümit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1973)
Numerical integration of stiff ordinary differential equations.
Selbes, Fugen; Department of Computer Engineering (1980)
Numerical solution of nonlinear reaction-diffusion and wave equations
Meral, Gülnihal; Tezer, Münevver; Department of Mathematics (2009)
In this thesis, the two-dimensional initial and boundary value problems (IBVPs) and the one-dimensional Cauchy problems defined by the nonlinear reaction- diffusion and wave equations are numerically solved. The dual reciprocity boundary element method (DRBEM) is used to discretize the IBVPs defined by single and system of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations and nonlinear wave equation, spatially. The advantage of DRBEM for the exterior regions is made use of for the latter problem. The differential quad...
Numerical solutions of two point boundary value problems.
Karakaş, Özlem; Department of Mathematics (1992)
Numerical solution of circular cylindrical spherical and composite shells.
Özgüzer, Zafer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1973)
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E. C. Nurhat, “Numerical solution of nonlinear equations.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.