An Inquiry into Architectural Contextualism

Site-Specific: Ortsbezug in der Architektur Workshop (2013)


An inquiry on the architecture of the open cities in the age of planetary urbanization
Kömez Dağlıoğlu, Esin (2020-11-01)
An inquiry on contemporary parks and design strategies
Uludağ, Seda; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Department of Architecture (2011)
There has been a notable interest in landscape design in the recent years. Growing environmental consciousness and the deindustrialization process in cities have resulted in the new park design projects which have been created through recovery of waste lands. The thesis examines a number of selected park projects with two frameworks which are the reclamation methods and the design strategies. The reclamation methods constitute the ways of recovering wastelands; while, the design strategies constitute the de...
An Inquiry into Social Aspects of Coevolution of Objects and Practices from Prayer Beads to Digital Counters
Tönük Kruıthof, Damla (2011-10-31)
An Inquiry Into the Necessity of Participation of People with Disabilities in Architecture
Karayama, Hatice Tuğba; Erkılıç, Mualla; Department of Architecture (2022-9-01)
In the second half of the 20th century, disability rights advocates criticized society and authorities for considering disability as personal misfortune and inferiority and for not taking any responsibility for the struggle of people with disabilities. Those critiques developed a new perspective, the Social Model of Disability, affecting disability studies, rights, and policies. The Social Model defined disability as the outcome of the interaction between a person with impairment and the social and built en...
An inquiry into product design and advertising as mediators of consumer identity
Ergun, Selcen; Kurtgözü, Aren Emre; Department of Industrial Design (2005)
This study mainly investigates the roles of product design and advertising in conferring identity related meanings upon products and associating them with certain consumer identities. For this purpose, firstly, the concept of identity and increasing centrality of objects in its construction and expression are explored. Secondly, the nature and dynamics of the relationship between people and objects are discussed with a specific emphasis on the identity related aspects of this relationship. Then, a more deta...
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