Categorization of Smartness in Smart Built Environments

Kaş, Serhat
Akçamete Güngör, Aslı
Öztürk, Hande Işık
Genel, Volkan
Atasoy, Güzide
A built environment is composed of man-made structures, where people live and work. The extent of the built environment ranges from buildings to cities. Moreover, the focus of research studies related with smartness ranges from optimizing the energy consumption to developing technological artefacts. The existing vagueness in the definitions of smartness and built environment escalates with the complexity that Smart Built Environment (SBE) concept brings. To clarify the understanding of SBE, there is an emerging need to identify the variation and extent of SBE including its boundaries and scope. Therefore, the objective of this study is to investigate the current body of knowledge in SBE through a systematically review. The relevant publications are selected through screening within the Scopus database. Identified publications are categorized based on multiple criteria such as the year, location, and methodology of the publication; and the phase, contribution, and unit of analysis of the performed study.
Citation Formats
S. Kaş, A. Akçamete Güngör, H. I. Öztürk, V. Genel, and G. Atasoy, “Categorization of Smartness in Smart Built Environments,” presented at the 5th international Project and Construction Management Conference (IPCMC2018), Girne, KKTC, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: