Geleneksel Birgi Konutlarında Kullanılan Ahşap İskelet Sistemlerin Yapım Teknikleri Açısından İncelenmesi

3. Ulusal Yapı Kongresi (2016)


Traditional Karacasu (Aydın) dwellings: an investigstion into theirarchitectural and social characteristics
Taşdöğen, Fatma Sezin; Asatekin, Gül; Department of History of Architecture (2006)
This thesis introduces the traditional dwellings in Karacasu within the context of traditional residential architecture in Anatolia; and investigates their architectural and social characteristics. Karacasu is selected as a case-study for its preserved vernacular architecture, which dates back to the end of the 18th century and the 19th century. The architectural and social investigation of the traditional dwellings of Karacasu is based on studying the dwellings as residential and social unit. The spatial a...
Geleneksel Arhavi Evlerinin Yapım Teknikleri / Construction Techniques of Traditional Arhavi Houses”, Ahşap Yapılarda Koruma ve Onarım Sempozyumu 6 / 24-25 Nisan 2018 İstanbul.
İlhan, Tolga; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman (null; 2018-04-25)
Evaluation of seismic resistance of traditional Ottoman timber frame houses
Aktaş, Yasemin Didem; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman; Türer, Ahmet; Department of Architecture (2011)
The aim of this study is to evaluate the seismic resistance of traditional Ottoman timber frame “hımış” structures, which form the major part of Turkey’s cultural heritage, from an engineering point of view. On the other hand, the seismic resistance of traditional Ottoman timber frame structures was not evaluated from an engineering perspective. For the aim of seismic resistance evaluation of traditional Ottoman timber frame houses, the TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) p...
Privacy and segregation as a basis for analyzing and modelling the urban space compositionof the libyan traditional city : Case study: The city of Ghadames
El-Agouri, Faraj Abubaker; Günay, Baykan; Department of City and Regional Planning (2004)
The study examines the spatial and visual privacy in different areas within the walled city of Ghadames, where different ethnic communities live in distinct localities. Conceptual and theoretical notions of privacy are tested, whose ultimate value is further refinement of privacy regulation conceptually and operationally. Complexities of privacy as a concept and its regulation are clarified through theory and extracted spatio-cultural information about physical settings created by these communities. The spa...
Representations Of Change In Traditional Ortigia Houses
Başkaya, Aysu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1998)
This study aims to determine the functional quality of a dwelling type with an open space, notably the transitional spaces both outside, i.e. open space and inside the dwelling, i.e. the front room facing the open space. To reduce the scope of the investigation to a manageable size, the work was confined to the Island of Ortigia on the south coast of Siracusa in Sicily. Two different vernacular house types built in the late 1800s form the pattern of organisation in the Island of Ortigia and the main differe...
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