Pets of 12th-14th AD Komana, Turkey

Pişkin, Evangelia
Sütçü, Özgen
This work investigates dog and cat remains from the 12th – 14th AD layers recovered from the excavation of Komana, Tokat, Turkey. It includes 2 almost complete dog skeletons and one kitten plus other bones of dog and cat found scattered in the layers. The two dogs were found buried hastily. One of them shows heavy pathologies such as arthritis and infections. The kitten was found in a cesspit together with large amounts of domestic refuse. The rest of the remains are found in tertiary contexts. We present here the osteobiography of these finds in all detail but with an emphasis on osteometry to specify size, weight and shape of animals. Comparable finds for cat are very few but for the case of dog large datasets recently published from Yenikapı and Van excavations which allowed us to build good comparisons.
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E. Pişkin and Ö. Sütçü, “Pets of 12th-14th AD Komana, Turkey,” Ankara, Turkey, 2018, p. 142, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: