Psychology and the search for certainty in everyday life



Psychology of uncertainty: the roots of uncertainty reduction
Küçükkömürler, Sane; Özkan, Türker; Department of Psychology (2019)
The widespread effect of uncertainty led researchers in psychology literature to examine this concept. Different conceptualizations and different theories pointed to specific properties of psychological processes under uncertainty. In this thesis, a new comprehensive model was proposed. According to the model, perceived uncertainty creates a discomfort and level of the discomfort determines responses toward uncertainty. It was expected to find generalization responses under low discomfort and high discomfor...
Psychology on the axis of epistemology.
Düzen, N. Ekrem; Ergüden, Akın; Department of Philosophy (1996)
Psychology and counseling in Turkey.
Canel Çınarbaş, Deniz (2003-09-10)
Psychological Predictors of Problem Gambling Behaviors
Arcan, Kuntay; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2012)
Gambling becomes a source of difficulties of varying severity for some individuals whereas it is a positive experience for most of other people. Although gambling continues to be an entertaining activity for the majority of gambling individuals, prevalence rates suggest that pathological gambling is not low compared to other types of diagnosis. Most of the data with respect to gambling is from Western gambling literature, whereas research investigating the associated features of problem and pathological gam...
Psychological distress among university students: the role of mindfulness, decentering, reappraisal and emotion regulation
Kaynakci, Fatma Zehra Unlu; Güneri, Oya (2022-02-01)
This study sheds light on the extent to which the five facets of mindfulness (observing, describing, acting with awareness, nonjudging, and nonreactivity), decentering, and reappraisal predict psychological distress via emotion regulation difficulties. The study sample is comprised of 620 undergraduate students (429 females and 191 males). The participants' ages range between 18 and 30 years (M-age = 21.88, SD = 1.68). Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was employed to test the proposed model, which explain...
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