Alternative Finite Element Based Modeling Apporaches for Carbon Nanotubes

Koca, Oğuzhan
Gülaşık, Hasan
Gürses, Ercan
Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are rolled sheets of graphene which include carbon atoms only. CNTs have attracted the interest of scientists and engineers because of their superior mechanical properties. To this end, significant amount of work has been done for atomistic modeling of CNTs. However, modeling of CNTs with pure atomistic approaches is computationally expensive. Therefore, continuum based approaches such as finite element method (FEM) have alternatively been proposed. The purpose of this work is to compare alternative FE modeling approaches for graphene and CNTs. FE models are created by using the commercial FE software ANSYS APDL. Elastic constants, such as the Young’s modulus, the shear modulus and the Poisson’s ratio, of a single CNT are computed by alternative FE approaches and the results are compared with the literature.
Citation Formats
O. Koca, H. Gülaşık, and E. Gürses, “Alternative Finite Element Based Modeling Apporaches for Carbon Nanotubes,” presented at the 9th Ankara International Aerospace Conference (20 - 22 Eylül 2017), METU, Ankara, Turkey, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: