Analysis of Ring Beams for Discretely Supported Cylindrical Silos

Zeybek, Özer
Topkaya, Cem
Rotter, J Michael
In cylindrical silos, the presence of discrete supports results in a non-uniformity of meridional stresses around the circumference. In larger silos, a sizeable ring beam is normally used, resting on discrete column supports beneath the cylindrical shell to redistribute the majority of the discrete forces from the column supports into a more uniform stress state in the cylindrical wall. Although there is a complex interaction between cylinders and supporting ring beam, EN 1993-4-1 provides the bending and torsional moment equations produced in the isolated ring beam under uniform transverse loading by assuming that the meridional stress distribution in the shell is circumferentially uniform. In this study, these equations given EN1993-4-1 for the design of the ring beam are re-derived using Vlasov’s curved beam theory. Then, the shear force equation in the transverse direction for the ring beam is derived using the equilibrium equations. Moreover, the transverse displacement of the ring beam is obtained from the global forcedeformation relationships. These closed-form equations are verified by complementary finite element analyses for practical design applications.
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Ö. Zeybek, C. Topkaya, and J. M. Rotter, “Analysis of Ring Beams for Discretely Supported Cylindrical Silos,” presented at the 9th Hellenic Conference of Steel Structures (5 - 7 Ekim 2017), Larisa, Yunanistan, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: