A methodology for plaanning urban systems.

Nebol, Erdal


A Formal Conceptual approach for fuzzy object-oriented database design
Çınar, Ali; Yazıcı, Adnan; Department of Computer Engineering (1997)
A methodology for digital elevation model uncertainty evaluation : uncertainy propagation in flood inundation modeling
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A statistical approach for performance evaluation of 386 and 486 microprocessors
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This paper endeavors to show how multivariate statistical techniques may be used to assess the hardware performance of 386 and 486 based microcomputers. The benchmark test results collected from 34 microcomputers were analyzed in order to find the objective ''assessment criterion'' which could be used as part of the future certification process. The dominant hardware components for the price of these computers were also searched.
A theoretical approach for Pareto-Zipf law
Tuncay, Çağlar (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2008-08-01)
We suggest an analytical approach for the Pareto-Zipf law, where we assume random multiplicative noise and fragmentation processes for the growth of the number of citizens of each city and the number of the cities, respectively.
A system analytic approach to higher educational manpower planning.
Ataç, Osman; Department of Mathematics (1972)
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E. Nebol, “A methodology for plaanning urban systems.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.