A methodology for digital elevation model uncertainty evaluation : uncertainy propagation in flood inundation modeling

Yılmaz, Musa


A classification approach for adaptive mitigation of SYN flood attacks Preventing performance loss due to SYN flood attacks
Degirmencioglu, Alptugay; Erdogan, Hasan Tugrul; Mizani, Mehrdad A.; Yilmaz, Oguz (2016-04-29)
SYN flood is a commonly used Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. SYN flood DDoS attacks consume considerable amount of resources in the target machine. Even with straightforward mitigation solutions, any attack causes resource waste and performance loss in the server, rendering it unable to provide service to legitimate clients. We propose an approach for SYN flood attack mitigation based on supervised learning classification methods which identify and block SYN flood traffic before they reach thei...
Performance of FLO-2D software on flood inundation analysis
Şahin, Ahmet Nazım; Aydın, İsmail; Department of Civil Engineering (2016)
Yeşilçay river basin is one of the main sources of İstanbul urban water supply system through the “Yeşilçay Drinking Water Plan”. Construction of two dams: Sungurlu Dam on Sungurlu stream and Osmangazi Dam on Göksu River have started to provide domestic and industrial water, flood control and energy production. Ağva is a small town which has population of about 2,500 in winter time but hosts around 15,000 people in the summer time located on the intersection of Göksu and Sungurlu streams called Yeşilçay riv...
Modeling the Evaporation of Drying Sessile Droplets with Buoyancy Driven Internal Convection
Akdağ, Osman; Akkuş, Yigit ; Çetin, Barbaros ; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2021-05-18)
Droplet evaporation is a fundamental phenomenon encountered in diverse applications such as inkjet printing, DNA mapping, film coating, and electronics cooling. Modeling the evaporation process of a sessile droplet is complicated because of the coupling of several physical phenomena occurring in different phases and various magnitudes such as the buoyant convection of the liquid in millimeter size droplets and that of the surrounding air/water vapor mixture, in the order of meters. In this study, the theore...
Presenting the outcomes of a participatory user workshop : a design resource based on the case of TV remote controls
Özçelik, Derya; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2007)
This thesis explores participatory design methods and presents the process and the outcomes of a related case study, carried out in collaboration with Vestel Electronics, a Turkish consumer electronics manufacturer, on TV remote controls. The thesis comprises a literature review on participatory design, including its historical background and evolution, the motivations behind its contemporary utilization and the methods, techniques and tools utilized within the approach. The case study comprises two phases....
Gemikonakli, Orhan; Sanei, Hadi; Ever, Enver; Koçyiğit, Altan (2008-01-01)
Fault tolerant, large scale multi-server systems require an optimum number of repairmen for maximising performability. However, performability evaluation of such systems is difficult due to the state space explosion problem. In this paper, a simple and flexible approximate technique capable of overcoming state space explosion problem in computing the performability of large Markov models is presented. For validation of results, simulation has been used. It is shown that, this approach can handle large state...
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M. Yılmaz, “A methodology for digital elevation model uncertainty evaluation : uncertainy propagation in flood inundation modeling,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.