Challenges and innovations for sustainable access to good quality drinking water

Goodridge, Amador
Kurt, Zöhre
Nelson, Kara
Smith, Charlotte
Water is the main source of life that every single person in the world needs to survive. All Latin- American countries rely on its natural resources; much of the water used in these countries especially drinking water is retrieved from those resources. However, there is a lack of detoxification studies for its water and soil. Contamination due to agricultural activates seems to find its cause in extensive use of pesticide and herbicide which infiltrate through the water from the soil and the contamination keeps expanding and reaching the drinking water resources. These contaminants badly affect human health and are a threat to many communities that live close to the agricultural fields. The quality of the water and its sustainability is one of the major issues in the world that we as scientist should solve. Mainly the water is brought in to our households via water supply systems that connect the main water body of the city with everyone in the city. But the providing water to every community and providing it constantly is hard. Hence, private drinking wells are solution for many communities in the Latin American region and around the world. However, private drinking wells in many states in the USA are not regulated and probably this scenario is repeated in many places in the world. And thus agricultural activity contaminates water, and had become one of the biggest risks to decrease the heath of the community In this 75 minutes long thematic session, four international experts will dialogue with audience about innovative strategies to determine contamination and provide treatment techniques to reveal the footprint of toxic chemicals that are present but also could benefit the countries to develop innovative bioremediation solutions that relieve toxic chemicals from the environment. They also will provide a focus on the role of clean drinking water for Public Health. Finally, they will discuss about the innovation of treating waste and sewage water into potable water to solve scarcity around the Latin American Region.
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A. Goodridge, Z. Kurt, K. Nelson, and C. Smith, “Challenges and innovations for sustainable access to good quality drinking water,” presented at the CILAC CONFERENCE, UNESCO (22 - 24 Ekim 2018), PANAMA CITY, Panama, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: