An fNIRS Hyperscanning Study on Brain-Brain Interactions of a Dyad during a Joint Sentence Reading Task

İşbilir, Erdinç
Çakır, Murat Perit
Cummins, Fred
Ayaz, Hasan


An fNIR Hyperscanning study on brain brain interactions of a dyad during a joint sentence reading task
İşbilir, Erdinç; Çakır, Murat Perit; Cummins, Fred; Ayaz, Hasan (2016-05-26)
A Study On Pre-Service Teachers’ Spatial Visualization Ability and Spatial Anxiety
Erkek, Özlem; Isıksal Bostan, Mine; Çakıroğlu, Erdinç (2017-01-01)
This study aims to investigate the pre-service teachers’ spatial visualization ability and spatial anxiety levels with respect to their gender and undergraduate programs. Data were collected from 1007 third and fourth year undergraduate pre-service teachers enrolled in elementary mathematics, science, and early childhood education programs from four universities in Ankara, Turkey. Spatial Visualization Test and the Spatial Anxiety Scale were used as data collection instruments. The results revealed a statis...
An in vivo study on the effect of scaffold geometry and growth factor release on the healing of bone defects
Yilgor, P.; Yilmaz, G.; Onal, M. B.; Solmaz, I.; Gundogdu, S.; Keskil, S.; Sousa, R. A.; Reis, R. L.; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2013-09-01)
The hypothesis of this study was that the extent of bone regeneration could be enhanced by using scaffolds with appropriate geometry, and that such an effect could be further increased by mimicking the natural timing of appearance of bone morphogenetic proteins BMP-2 and BMP-7 after fracture. Bioplotted poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) disks with four different fibre organizations were used to study the effect of 3D scaffold architecture on the healing of bone defects in a rat pelvis model. Moreover, one PC...
An Experiment on Sentence Alignments in TED- MDB
Üstün, Ahmet; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz (null; 2018-11-05)
An ab initio Study of Cr and Mn Doped MAX Phase TiMSiB
YILDIZ, BUĞRA; Sürücü, Gökhan; Erkisi, Aytac (2019-10-01)
© 2019 IEEE.MAX phases, which are widely studied experimentally and theoretically, have general formula of M(n1)AXn, where M is transition metals, A is A group element and X is C and N. In this study, the structural, mechanical and electronic properties have been researched for hypothetical MAX phase TiMSiB, where M is Cr and Mn by applying ab initio calculations. Initially, structural optimizations have been completed and the outcomes crosschecked with the studies of Ti2SiB in literatures [1]. After optimi...
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E. İşbilir, M. P. Çakır, F. Cummins, and H. Ayaz, “An fNIRS Hyperscanning Study on Brain-Brain Interactions of a Dyad during a Joint Sentence Reading Task,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: