Kalkan'ın Gelişme ve Koruma Sorunları (Tehditler, Olanaklar ve Çözüm Önerileri)



Towards Development of a Model for Acceptance of Software Process Improvement Models in SMEs: Preliminary Findings
Durmuş, Suna; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Özcan Top, Özden (2021-06-01)
The software industry is playing a significant role in development of economies all over the world. It is mainly made up of small and medium software enterprises (SMEs). These companies aim to benefit from Software Process Improvements (SPI) to increase product quality and productivity in a competitive environment. Several SPI models and frameworks have been developed to improve software quality in SMEs. As SPI require organizational change and adaptation to new tools, techniques and work practices; organiz...
Kalkan’ın Gelişme ve Koruma Sorunları (Tehditler Olanaklar ve Çözüm Önerileri)
Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman; Özgönül, Nimet (2005-03-01)
The evaluation of communication and customer relations training program at Tepe defense and security systems
Dönmez, Ayça; Kiraz, Ercan; Department of Educational Sciences (2005)
The purpose of this study is to evaluate Communication and Customer Relations Training Program at Tepe Defense and Security Systems. The study also aims at exploring the learning level of the security staff, measuring the staff̕s reaction to the training program, finding out behavioral changes of the security staff which may positively affect the company. The instruments, an evaluation scale and two different case studies, were administered to 204 randomly selected security staff who have been working at Te...
61 Sürdürülebilir ve İklime Duyarlı Kentler İçin Planlama ve Tasarımda Yeşil Altyapının Rolü
Gedikli, Bahar (2021-09-10)
Potential regions for smart specialization: a taxonomy of Turkish nuts 2 regions
Oğuz, Muhammed Özgür; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2019)
This thesis aims to investigate the potential for regional development of the regions of Turkey. This research was conducted in the context of smart specialization, which is considered the most contemporary and valid regional development approach. In this context, the regions were analyzed under three main headings. Firstly, the sectoral clusters in the country were analyzed by using the distribution of labor force to sectors, and which clusters dominated in which regions were determined. Secondly, the inno...
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H. Ç. Keskinok, N. Özgönül, and N. Şahin Güçhan, “Kalkan’ın Gelişme ve Koruma Sorunları (Tehditler, Olanaklar ve Çözüm Önerileri),” 2004, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/73419.