Humanitarian Logistics: Advanced Purchasing and Pre-Positioning of Relief Items

Duran, Serhan
Keskinocak, Pınar
Swann, Julie L


Humanitarian logistics : pre-positioning of relief items in Istanbul
Konu, Ayşe Sinem; Duran, Serhan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2014)
In this study, we address mission planning for aerial reconnaissance and surveillance platforms. In Aerial Surveillance Problem (ASP), an air platform with surveillance sensors searches a specified number of rectangular areas once by covering inside of rectangles in strips and turns back to base where it starts. This study proposes methods to solve ASP with two conflicting objectives, minimizing distance travelled and maximizing minimum probability of target detection. Computational results show that the pr...
Humanitarian Logistics Pre Positioning of Relief Items in Istanbul
Duran, Serhan; Yakıcı, Ertan (null; 2015-11-04)
Humanitarian intervention: the evolution of the idea and practice
Kardaş, Şaban; Department of International Relations (2001)
Humanitarian challenges and intervention: World politics and the dilemmas of help
Dagi, ID (SAGE Publications, 1997-01-01)
Humanitarian governance of forced migration: experiences of Iraqi refugees resettled in Arizona, United States of America
Deli, Volkan; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Sociology (2018)
Under the historical conditions of US-Iraq relations, this research aims at filling the gap in the literature to analyze how Iraqi refugees experience in their post-resettlement process in Arizona, USA. Rather, it also employs a multi-disciplinary analysis of forced migration under the enhanced content of the theory of humanitarian governance. For this purpose, humanitarian governance of forced migration, is taken up as an analytical entity to display how states, non-governmental organizations, non-profit o...
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S. Duran, P. Keskinocak, and J. L. Swann, Humanitarian Logistics: Advanced Purchasing and Pre-Positioning of Relief Items. 2013, p. 462.