Humanitarian governance of forced migration: experiences of Iraqi refugees resettled in Arizona, United States of America

Deli, Volkan
Under the historical conditions of US-Iraq relations, this research aims at filling the gap in the literature to analyze how Iraqi refugees experience in their post-resettlement process in Arizona, USA. Rather, it also employs a multi-disciplinary analysis of forced migration under the enhanced content of the theory of humanitarian governance. For this purpose, humanitarian governance of forced migration, is taken up as an analytical entity to display how states, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, and volunteer organizations establish an international ‘humanitarian’ mechanism to deal with social, economic and cultural reasons and consequences of forced migration. In this context, this research mainly selects the case of experiences of Iraqi refugees resettled in Arizona in USA in order to explain the nature of humanitarian governance as regards to the subjects of acculturation, integration, assimilation and transnationalism. The analysis of human governance manifests that US refugee admission system works with a non-profit sector: resettlement agencies, faith-based organizations, expert organizations, and volunteers. Besides, this system basically gives priority to self-sufficiency policy, thereby paving way for refugee integration by immediately involving refugees in labor market as entry-level job holders irrespective of consent and free choice of refugees. In this sense, this study scrutinizes the relation among experiences of Iraqi refugees, self-sufficiency policy, acculturation and integration processes as a part of humanitarian governance in the context of America and puts forward that Iraqi refugees ultimately take their part as cheap-labor force by developing different acculturative strategies during their integration in Arizona.
Citation Formats
V. Deli, “Humanitarian governance of forced migration: experiences of Iraqi refugees resettled in Arizona, United States of America,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.