Applied supervisory control for a flexible manufacturing system

Moor, Thomas
Schmidt, Klaus Verner
Perk, Sebastian
This paper presents a case study in the design and implementation of a discrete event system (DES) of real-world complexity. Our DES plant is a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) laboratory model that consists of 29 interacting components and is controlled via 107 digital signals. Regarding controller design, we apply a hierarchical and decentralised synthesis method from earlier work in order to achieve nonblocking and safe closed-loop behaviour. Regarding implementation, we discuss how digital signals translate to discrete events from a practical point of view, including timing issues. The paper demonstrates how both, design and implementation, are supported by the open-source software tool libFAUDES.
10th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, WODES 2010 ( 30 Ağustos - 01 Eylül 2010)


Hierarchical multitasking control of discrete event systems: Computation of projections and maximal permissiveness
Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Cury, José E.r. (null; 2010-12-01)
This paper extends previous results on the hierarchical and decentralized control of multitasking discrete event systems (MTDES). Colored observers, a generalization of the observer property, together with local control consistency, allow to derive sufficient conditions for synthesizing modular and hierarchical control that are both strongly nonblocking (SNB) and maximally permissive. A polynomial procedure to verify if a projection fulfills the above properties is proposed and in the case they fail for a g...
Supervisory control and formal methods for distributed systems
İnan, Kemal (1992-08-28)
A brief introductory exposure for logical discrete event system models is presented. Based on a specific version of this model tailored to supervisory control, some of the mainstream supervisory control problems are formulated in a unified framework. Formal methods used in software engineering has certain computational and structural similarities to supervisory control and unlike the latter, is closely connected to realistic and widespread practical applications. Formal specification, verification, impleme...
Maximally Permissive Hierarchical Control of Decentralized Discrete Event Systems
SCHMİDT, KLAUS WERNER; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2011-04-01)
The subject of this paper is the synthesis of natural projections that serve as nonblocking and maximally permissive abstractions for the hierarchical and decentralized control of large-scale discrete event systems. To this end, existing concepts for nonblocking abstractions such as natural observers and marked string accepting (msa)-observers are extended by local control consistency (LCC) as a novel sufficient condition for maximal permissiveness. Furthermore, it is shown that, similar to the natural obse...
Computation of supervisors for fault-recovery and repair for discrete event systems
Sülek, Ayşe Nur; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2014-01-01)
In this paper, we study the fault-recovery and repair of discrete event systems (DES). To this end, we first develop a new method for the fault-recovery of DES. In particular, we compute a fault-recovery supervisor that follows the specified nominal system behavior until a fault-occurrence, that continues its operation according to a degraded specification after a fault and that finally converges to a desired behavior after fault. We next show that our method is also applicable to system repair and we propo...
Order-preserving Models for the Supervisory Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Nooruldeen, Anas; Schmidt, Klaus Verner (2019-11-01)
This paper develops a new modeling technique for the supervisory control of FMS in the framework of discrete event systems (DES). In particular, we consider the general case of an FMS, where different product types can share production components and production components can hold multiple products. We first point out that a suitable model for such production component needs to keep track of the product type and the order of products entering and leaving production components. Then, we develop a general met...
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