Applied supervisory control for a flexible manufacturing system

Moor, Thomas
Schmidt, Klaus Verner
Perk, Sebastian
This paper presents a case study in the design and implementation of a discrete event system (DES) of real-world complexity. Our DES plant is a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) laboratory model that consists of 29 interacting components and is controlled via 107 digital signals. Regarding controller design, we apply a hierarchical and decentralised synthesis method from earlier work in order to achieve nonblocking and safe closed-loop behaviour. Regarding implementation, we discuss how digital signals translate to discrete events from a practical point of view, including timing issues. The paper demonstrates how both, design and implementation, are supported by the open-source software tool libFAUDES.

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T. Moor, K. V. Schmidt, and S. Perk, “Applied supervisory control for a flexible manufacturing system,” Berlin, Almanya, 2010, vol. 43, p. 253, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: