A computational study on a field reserved mirror machine employing crowbaring technique.

Gökmen, S Haluk


A Numerical Study of a Modular Sparse Grad-Div Stabilization Method for Boussinesq Equations
Demir, Medine; Kaya Merdan, Songül (2019-10-10)
This study presents a modular sparse grad-div stabilization method for solving the Boussinesq equations. Unlike the usual grad-div stabilization which produces fully coupled block matrices, the proposed stabilization method produces block upper triangular matrices. Thus, the proposed method is more attractive in terms of both its computational cost and solution accuracy. We provide unconditional stability results for velocity and temperature. Two numerical experiments are performed to demonstrate the effici...
A numerical study on local buckling and energy dissipation of CHS seismic bracing
Kusyilmaz, Ahmet; Topkaya, Cem (Elsevier BV, 2011-08-01)
Seismic provisions for steel buildings present limiting width-thickness and slenderness ratios for bracing members, most of which were established based on experimental observations. A finite element study has been undertaken to evaluate these limits for pin-ended circular hollow section (CHS) steel braces. Uncertainties in modeling and quantification arise in the simulation of cyclic brace buckling. A finite element modeling procedure was developed and calibrated using existing experimental data. Sensitivi...
A parametric study on three dimensional modeling of parallel tunnel interactions
Karademir, Salahaddin Miraç; Erol, Orhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2010)
A parametric study is performed to investigate the parallel tunnel interaction. Three dimensional finite element analyses were performed to determine the effects of soil stiffness, pillar width and advancement level of the second tunnel on the behaviour of displacement, bending moment and shear force of the previously constructed tunnel. In the analysis PLAXIS 3D Tunnel geotechnical finite element package was used. This program allows the user to define the actual construction stages of a NATM tunnel constr...
A numerical study on dependent absorption and scattering by interacting nano-sized particles
Dönmezer, Fatma Nazlı; Okutucu Özyurt, Hanife Tuba; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2009)
Understanding and manipulating nanosized particles is crucial for the advancement of nanotechnology research. Dependent light scattering of noble metals can be used to achieve new material responses that can be used in different applications. Dependent light scattering of nanoparticles allows the understanding of orientation and location of closely positioned particles. Besides, dependently scattering metallic particles create significantly enhanced near fields and high absorption rates when excited at thei...
A three dimensional numerical study on natural convection heat transfer from short horizontal rectangular fin array
Mobedi, M; Yüncü, Hafit (2003-05-01)
Steady state natural convection heat transfer in a longitudinally short rectangular fin array on a horizontal base is numerically investigated. The problem is three dimensional laminar natural convection heat transfer with open boundaries. A finite difference code based on vorticity-vector potential approach is developed to solve the governing equations. The steady behaviour of the flow and temperature distributions is obtained from the solution of transient form of the governing equations. Results are comp...
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S. H. Gökmen, “A computational study on a field reserved mirror machine employing crowbaring technique.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.