The Relations between Core Stability and Tennis Related Performance Determinants

The purpose of the study was to investigate the relations between core stability and various performance determinants in tennis. Participants were competitive male (n= 14, age= 13.64 ± 1.65 years) and female (n= 15, age= 13.60 ± 1.72 years) junior tennis players. They were tested on core stability (sport-specific core stability test), maximal serve speed (sportsradar), dynamic balance (star excursion balance test), agility (spider run test), upper body strength (forehand and backhand medicine ball throws), and lower body strength (standing long jump test). Pearson’s correlation coefficient indicated no significant correlation between core stability and other variables in both genders. Thus, the study recommended to strength and conditioning coaches engaged with tennis players in these age groups better not to focus primarily on core stability training in order to enhance performances on the aforementioned parameters.
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