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Effects of environmental and task related conditions on postural control under concurrent visual feedback
Taşcı, Seda; ÇELİK, HÜSEYİN; Kirazcı, Sadettin (2024-04-01)
Background: Previous studies have yielded conflicting results on the facilitative effects of concurrent visual feedback (CVFB) on postural control. In addition, these effects have generally been assessed only during a sing...
A gymnastics coaches' professional development program: exploring a needs-focused social learning space
Kilic, Koray; Culver, Diane M.; İnce, Mustafa Levent (2024-03-29)
Background: Learning is a social, situational process. Effective coaches consistently apply situationally appropriate coaching knowledge to improve athletes' developmental outcomes. Learning experiences should be cognizant...
Influence of relative age effect (RAE) on motor performance of preschool children: a systematic review
Macun, Ahmet; Söğüt, Mustafa (2024-02-01)
The purpose of this systematic review was to examine the influence of relative age effect (RAE) on motor competences (MC) and physical fitness (PF) of preschool children. The search was conducted through three different da...
Growth and maturity status of young elite and sub-elite tennis players
Söğüt, Mustafa; Ödemiş, Hasan; Durmuş, Durukan (2023-04-01)
Physiological and performance effects of high-intensity interval training in tennis players: a systematic review
Durmuş, Durukan; Ödemiş, Hasan; Söğüt, Mustafa (2023-04-01)
Relative age effect in young competitive tennis players
Söğüt, Mustafa (2023-01-01)
Health Related Fitness Physical Education Intervention: Self-Determination Perspective
Akıncı, Yasin; Kirazcı, Sadettin (2022-11-01)
Restructuring a University Health-Related Physical Activity Course with Technology: A Design-Based Research
Semiz, Kıvanç; İnce, Mustafa Levent (2022-10-01)
Effect of individualized cognitive and postural task difficulty levels on postural control during dual task condition
Gursoy, Zeren G.; Yilmaz, Ugur; ÇELİK, HÜSEYİN; Arpinar-Avsar, Pinar; Kirazcı, Sadettin (2022-07-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Background: Previous dual task studies suggested that the difficulty of the concurrent cognitive and motor tasks may not be challenging to the same degree for each person. This study approaches this pro...
Effects of Small-Sided Games Training versus High-Intensity Interval Training Approaches in Young Basketball Players
Arslan, Ersan; Kilit, Bulent; Clemente, Filipe Manuel; Murawska-Cialowicz, Eugenia; Soylu, Yusuf; Söğüt, Mustafa; AKÇA, FIRAT; Gokkaya, Mine; Silva, Ana Filipa (2022-03-01)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of the 6-week small-sided games training (SSGs) vs. high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the psychophysiological and performance responses, and technical skills of young ba...
Exploring interactions between maturity status and playing time with fluctuations in physical fitness and hormonal markers in youth soccer players
Eskandarifard, Ebrahim; Nobari, Hadi; Söğüt, Mustafa; Clemente, Filipe Manuel; Figueiredo, Antonio Jose (2022-03-01)
The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in functional capacities and hormonal indices according to biological maturity and seasonal playing time status in young soccer players. Twenty-three male under-15...
BOZ, MENEKŞE; Hürmeriç Altunsöz, Irmak; ALTINIŞIK, YASİN (2022-01-01)
Türkiye’de Okul Öncesi Dönemdeki Motor Beceri Uygulamaları
MÜLAZIMOĞLU BALLI, ÖZGÜR; Hürmeriç Altunsöz, Irmak (2022-01-01)
Sosyal İlişkiler Ölçeğinin Geliştirilmesi ve Psikometrik Özellikleri
Köse, Mehmet Fatih ; Öztürk, Mehmet Ata; Acar, Ayşegül (2022-01-01)
This study seeks to develop a valid, reliable metric for holistically measuring the scope and depth of interpersonal social relations. Several studies are found in the literature to have focused on interpersonal and social...
Plyometric Training in Normobaric Hypoxia improves Jump Performance
Coşkun, Betül ; Aras, Dicle ; Akalan, Cengiz ; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Hamlin, Michael J. (2021-12-01)
Strength training in hypoxia has been shown to enhance hypertrophy and function of skeletal muscle, however, the effects of plyometric training in hypoxia is relatively unknown. Therefore, this study aimed to examine the e...
Characteristics of Articles Published in Different Quartiles: A Bibliometric Analysis of Sport and Exercise Psychology Journals
Taş, Hakan; Mikhaylova, Alena; Ödemiş, Hasan; Uçar, Eylül Çisem; Söğüt, Mustafa (2021-12-01)
Background. The purposes of this study were to determine the quantitative characteristics of the articlespublished in sports and exercise psychology journals in four quartiles of Web of Science and to understand whetherthe...
The Effects of Exercise Order on the Psychophysiological Responses, Physical and Technical Performances of Young Soccer Players: Combined Small-Sided Games and High-Intensity Interval Training
Arslan, Ersan; Kilit, Bulent; Clemente, Filipe Manuel; Soylu, Yusuf; Söğüt, Mustafa; Badicu, Georgian; Akça, Fırat; Gokkaya, Mine; Murawska-Cialowicz, Eugenia (2021-11-01)
Simple Summary: Small-sided games are very popular training methods, among other commonly used strategies, for enhancing the functional and sport-specific skills of young soccer players. In addition, high-intensity interva...
Bedensel Okuryazarlık Kavramı ve Önemi
Taş, Hakan; Hürmeriç Altunsöz, Irmak (2021-10-01)
A Transnational Research Collaboration: A Social Network Analysis and Perspectives on Our Community of Practice
Ward, Phillip; Devrilmez, Erhan; Ayvazo, Shiri; DERVENT, FATİH; He, Yaohui; Iserbyt, Peter; İnce, Mustafa Levent; Kim, Insook; Ko, Bomna; Li, Weidong; Tsuda, Emi (2021-09-01)
Transnational research involves research in one country that benefits that country, and where the findings are compared to the extant studies in the larger field. It also involves the search for common effects and situatio...
Wearable inertial measurement unit to accelerometer-based training monotony and strain during a soccer season: A within-group study for starters and non-starters
Nobari, Hadi; Söğüt, Mustafa; Oliveira, Rafael; Pérez-Gómez, Jorge; Suzuki, Katsuhiko; Zouhal, Hassane (2021-08-01)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the intragroup differences in weekly training monotony (TM) and training strain (TS) between starter and non-starter male professional soccer players at accelerometry-based variable...
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