Reactive power compensation of rapidly fluctuating unbalanced loads by thryristor switched capacitors.

Keşküs, Seyfettin


Transient performance of transmission lines under energisation conditions.
Gökçe, Ferit H; Department of Electrical Engineering (1973)
Transient performance of cascaded protective current transformers.
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Reactive-power compensation of coal mining excavators by using a new-generation STATCOM
Bilgin, Hazim Faruk; Ermiş, Muammer; Kose, K. Nadir; Cadirci, Isik; Acik, Adnan; Demirci, Turan; Terciyanli, Alper; Kocak, Cetin; Yorukoglu, Mustafa (2007-01-01)
This paper deals with the development and implementation of a current-source-converter-based static synchronous compensator (CSC-STATCOM) applied to the volt-ampere-reactive (VAR) compensation problem of coal mining excavators. It is composed of a +/- 750-kVAR full-bridge CSC with selective harmonic elimination, a low-pass input filter tuned to 200 Hz, and a Delta/Y-connected coupling transformer for connection to medium-voltage load bus. Each power semiconductor switch is composed of an asymmetrical integr...
Terminal voltage regulation of a self excited induction generator by means of a static exciter.
Dağdelen, Mustafa; Department of Electrical Engineering (1982)
Nonlinear Vibrations of Rotor-Bearing Systems Supported by Squeeze Film Dampers Due to Unbalance Excitation
Sevencan, Furkan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Baran, Özgür Uğraş (2021-11-01)
In this paper, nonlinear dynamic behaviors of a multi-mass flexible rotor-bearing system supported by short length Squeeze Film Damper (SFD) due to the unbalance excitation are presented. The rotordynamic model of the system is developed by using 1D Timoshenko beam elements for flexible shafts, lumped inertias for disks, linear springs and viscous dampers for bearings and structural damping for the system. The nonlinear SFD model is based on the analytical solution of Reynolds equation for open ends short l...
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S. Keşküs, “Reactive power compensation of rapidly fluctuating unbalanced loads by thryristor switched capacitors.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.