Investigation of automatic start-up possibility for a fluidizaiton bed lignite combustor.

Mıdoğlu, Haldun


Investigation of postinoculation parameters of spheroidal graphite iron production.
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Investigation of mixed mode crack propagation from prexisting notches in Brazilian discs of Ankara andesite.
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Investigation of desalination performance of capacitive deionization technology
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Capacitive deionization (CDI) is one of the emerging technologies developed with the purpose of water desalination. CDI technology is based on ion electrosorption at the surface of electrically charged electrode couples that are commonly comprised of porous carbon materials. Along with the continuous increase in the global fresh water demand, CDI technology becomes more prominent as an energy efficient and cost-effective water purification process. In this study, ion removal capacity of the CDI process was ...
Investigation of Prenucleation Clustering in Al RE Marginal Glass Forming Alloys
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Investigation of fly ash characteristics on zeolite 4A synthesis
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There is lack of information about the relation between the candidate raw material fly ash and end product, Zeolite 4A.This study aims to fill the gap in the literature through controlled ash production experiments, characterization studies and Zeolite 4A synthesis. As a result of studies, the nucleation behaviour of the alkali fusion product obtained from fly ash was demonstrated and the most crystalline Zeolite 4A with cubic morphology were obtained from Seyitömer fly ash with alkali fusion product of Si/...
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H. Mıdoğlu, “Investigation of automatic start-up possibility for a fluidizaiton bed lignite combustor.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.