Pocan, Pelin
Akbaş, Elif
Öztop, Halil Mecit


Quality control of bituminous mixtures.
Metinel, Aynur; Yağız, Ömer; Department of Business Administration (1993)
Quality control charts for storage of raisins and dried figs
Ozilgen, M; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Emir, H; Emir, F (1997-01-01)
Shewhart control charts are constructed by using the Hunter Lab color scale parameters to assure maintenance of the color of raisins and dried figs during storage in modified atmosphere packages, vacuum packages, or nylon bags. These control charts may be used to maintain the quality within acceptable limits and make it possible to readjust storage conditions if the acceptable limits should be violated.
Quality control charts for storage of pears
Şümnü, Servet Gülüm (2000-01-01)
Modified Shewart quality control charts were constructed for the storage of pears coated with different concentrations of sucrose polyesters. Weight loss, respiration rate, acidity, soluble solids, ascorbic acid and colour (Hunter a and b values) are the quality factors used for the construction of quality control charts. These charts will be helpful in maintaining the inevitable quality loss to within acceptable limits and in readjusting the storage conditions if the acceptable limits are exceeded.
Quality of cakes formulated with different legumes flours and baked in different ovens
Özkahraman, Canan; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Şahin, Serpil (2016-03-02)
Quality and durability assessments of the armourstones for two rubble mound breakwaters (Mersin, Turkey)
Ertas, B.; Topal, Tamer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2008-01-01)
Due to economic reasons, natural stones (armourstones) of various sizes and qualities are very frequently used for the constructions of the breakwaters to protect coastal engineering structures from wave actions. Deterioration of the armourstones with time in the form of abrasion and disintegration may end up with the damage of the structures. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the long-term performance and quality of the armourstones, which should be sound and durable. Mersin and Kumkuyu harbours we...
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