A Case Study of Using Innovation Catcher as an Innovation Performance Assessment Framework for Housing Projects

The crucial role of innovation in improving or even maintaining the strategic position and competitive advantage of construction companies in a highly competitive industry is widely acknowledged. In this sense, construction companies are spending a substantial amount of money and time on innovation activities. However, an in-depth literature review showed that available innovation assessment frameworks are not capable of revealing the outputs of these investments and capturing the actual innovation performance of the companies. In this research, we developed the Innovation Catcher (IC) as an innovation performance assessment (IPA) framework for project-level IPA of the housing projects. Based on the findings from the literature, the dimensions of Innovation Radar that is a previously available model in the literature were modified for housing projects. An application of the IC has been demonstrated by a case study carried out in collaboration with a Turkish contractor. Seven semi-structured interviews were carried out with an expert to collect data. Based on the IC application, it was concluded that IC is capable of reflecting the actual innovation performance of the housing projects and can be used as supportive material in the documentation, and short-term and long-term decision-making processes.
6th International Project and Construction Management Conference (e-IPCMC2020) Istanbul Technical University, (12-14 November 2020)


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