Le Corbusier in Turkey From the Voyage d Orient to the Master Plan Proposal for Izmir on the Theme of a Green City

A Swiss in the Mediterranean: Le Corbusier Symposium, (10 - 13 Aralık 2014)


Le Corbusier in Turkey: From the Voyage d’Orient to the Master PlanProposal for Izmir on the Theme of a Green City
Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ (Cyprus InternationalUniversity, Mas Matbaacılık, 2015-01-01)
Les Transformations d Istanbul Henri Prost s Planning of Istanbul 1936 1951
Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ (2011-01-01)
Henri Prost, who was one of the founders of town planning in France, was invited to prepare the master plan of Istanbul by the Turkish government in 1935. He conducted the planning of the historic capital and the most populous city of Turkey from 1936 to 1951. Although Prost has been renowned particularly with his conservative attitude toward the cultural heritage and the assets of the natural landscape, curiously he adopted a highly interventionist planning approach ...
Bruno Taut And The Program For The Protection Of Monuments In Turkey (1937-38)/ Three Case Studies: Ankara, Edi̇rne And Bursa
Gasko, Giorgio (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2010)
In 1933 the Ministry of Education set up a program for the protection of Turkish monuments that marks the beginning in the country of restoration works characterized by a scientific and systematic approach (1). Right at the beginning of the operative phase of the program, the German architect Bruno Taut was officially asked by the Ministry to give his professional opinion in three different episodes: the restoration of Mahmut Paşa Bedesteni in Ankara, the monitoring phase to evaluate the condition of ...
The Arab spring and Turkish model /
Kuşoğlu, Baran; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2014)
This thesis analyses the question of Turkish model for the Arab Spring countries by focusing on four main dimensions which have special importance in this work: The Arab Spring with a theoretical and conceptual framework, the Arab Spring and its major causes, Turkey’s reform process under the Justice and Development Party’s rule, relevance and applicability of Turkish model for the Arab Spring countries. It seeks primarily to answer the question that whether or not Turkey is a model for the Arab Spring coun...
The Hybrid Sacred at the Heart of a Modern Capital: The Temple of Augustus and the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque in Ankara
Caner Yüksel, Çağla; Yoncacı Arslan, Pelin (2018-09-01)
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