Molecular Biology of Liver Cancer

Tulin, Ersahin
Öztürk, Mehmet
Atalay, Rengül
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the leading causes of cancer‐related mortality worldwide. Recent advances in the molecular profiling of HCC emphasize its intratumoral heterogeneity and reveal how cellular pathways are altered in favor of tumor progression. Malignant transformation of primary liver cancer is achieved through the acquisition of cancer hallmark capabilities that promote the uncontrolled proliferation of hepatocytes. In this review, the characteristics and acquired capabilities of human primary liver cancer, based on the HCC‐specific genetic and epigenetic alterations, are described and discussed
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E. Tulin, M. Öztürk, and R. Atalay, Molecular Biology of Liver Cancer. 2015, p. 243.