British archaeological travellers in nineteenth century Anatolia Anatolia 'without' Turks



British intelligence against EOKA in Cyprus, 1945-1960
Erkan, Niha; Bağcı, Hüseyin; Department of International Relations (2019)
This thesis analyses the role of British intelligence activities in the fight against EOKA in Cyprus between 1945 and 1960. In the study, the concepts of intelligence and intelligence failure as well as development of British intelligence system will be examined. Based on these preliminary Works, this thesis will seek to answer how British intelligence played a role against EOKA in Cyprus with respect to intelligence collection, intelligence analysis, counterintelligence and covert action.
British policy and the development of Palestinian Nationalism, 1917 – 1948
Çalık, Nur Betül; Boztemur, Recep; Department of Middle East Studies (2011)
This thesis analyzes the emergence and development process of Palestinian nationalism. The role of the notable families within the development of Palestinian nationalism that led Palestinian Arab society during the British Mandate will be discussed in detail. The thesis is going to examine whether Palestinian nationalism is a genuine ideology or it is developed as a counter nationalism against both Jewish immigration and settlements activities and British Mandate. It will also be analyzed Mandate policies w...
Russian Historiography on the Battle of Sarykamysh
Pamir Dietrich, Ayşe (2014-11-01)
British policy towards the Greek War of Independence
Dinçer, Gaye N; Tunçoku, A.Mete; Department of International Relations (1988)
UKF based in-flight calibration of magnetometers and rate gyros for pico satellite attitude determination
Söken, Halil Ersin (Wiley, 2012-05-01)
In this paper an unscented Kalman filter based procedure for the bias estimation of both the magnetometers and the gyros carried onboard a pico satellite, is proposed. At the initial phase, biases of three orthogonally located magnetometers are estimated as well as the attitude and attitude rates of the satellite. During the initial period after the orbit injection, gyro measurements are accepted as bias free since the precise gyros are working accurately and the accumulated gyro biases are negligible. At t...
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