Turkish high school student s perceptions of constructivist learning environment in chemistry classrooms and their attitudes toward chemistry



Turkish High School Student s Perceptions of Constructivist Learning Environment in Chemistry Classrooms and their Attitudes towards Chemistry
Yılmaz Tüzün, Özgül; Çakıroğlu, Jale (2006-04-06)
Turkish high school students biology achievement in relation to academic self regulation
Yumuşak, Necmettin; Sungur, Semra; Çakıroğlu, Jale (Informa UK Limited, 2007-01-01)
This study aimed at investigating the contribution of motivational beliefs, cognitive, and metacognitive strategy use to Turkish high school students' achievement in biology. In order to investigate the specified purpose of the study, 519 tenth-grade students were administered the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (Pintrich, Smith, Garcia, & McKeachie, 1991) and a Biology Achievement Test developed by the researchers. Results of multiple linear regression analyses showed that extrinsic goal or...
Turkish High School Students’ Considerations, Expectations And Awareness On Distance Education
İnal, Yavuz; Karakuş Yılmaz, Türkan; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2008)
Quality of distance education has been improving by technological developments, experiences of educators and feedbacks of learners. In order to improve the quality issues in distance education, considerations of target audiences are important to understand their expectations that might be clue for developers. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive study was to investigate Turkish high school students’ considerations, expectations and awareness related to distance education, especially e-learning, and it...
Turkish high school students' conceptions of the nature of science
BEKTAŞ, Oktay; Geban, Ömer (2010-02-08)
The focus of this study is investigating the extent to which Turkish high school students understand the conceptions of nature of science (NOS). The paper describes the use of questionnaire of NOS and a semi-structured interview. The questionnaire was applied to 162 high school students. After the questionnaire was analyzed individually, six students were interviewed. Interview transcriptions were examined individually. Based on the results, students had some deficiencies on the conceptions of NOS. Students...
Turkish students' grammatical and semantic problems with English modal auxiliaries
Gürel, Serap; Çapan, Selma; Department of English Language Teaching (1989)
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