Turkish students' grammatical and semantic problems with English modal auxiliaries

Gürel, Serap


Turkish learners' problems with English conditionals : a study based on contrastive analysis and error analysis
Tolungüç, Gaye; Department of English Language Teaching (1984)
Turkish families with deaf and hard of hearing children: A systems approach in assessing family functioning
Fisiloglu, AG; Fışıloğlu, Hürol (1996-07-01)
The aim of this descriptive study was to determine areas in which families of deaf and hard of hearing children need support for and enhancement of their children's habilitation process. For this purpose the Family Assessment Device (FAD) was given to 40 families with deaf and hard of hearing children and 20 families with hearing children, Results indicated no significant differences between families with deaf and hard of hearing children and families with hearing children on communication, roles, affective...
Turkish consumers' perceptions of environmental claims
Tarhan, Ayşe Buyçe; Çağlı, Uğur; Department of Business Administration (1996)
Turkish Muslim Religious Healers A Qualitative Investigation of Hocas and Their Methods
Canel Çınarbaş, Deniz; Tuna, Ezgi (2016-08-03)
Turkish Adult Children as Caregivers of Parents with Alzheimer's Disease: Perceptions and Caregiving Experiences
Ar, Yagmur; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray (2019-04-01)
There is substantial evidence suggesting that Western and non-Western caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease have different caregiving experiences depending on the cultural values they adopt. Although family-centered constructs such as familism and filial piety have taken some attention, there is still a paucity of research on how cultural values and norms shape caregiving appraisals, coping strategies, and formal service use specifically in Eastern-oriented contexts. The aim of this study was to i...
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S. Gürel, “Turkish students’ grammatical and semantic problems with English modal auxiliaries,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.