Kazakshtan s Perspective on the Ukraine Crisis



GEZGIN: A case study of a real-time image processing subsystem for micro-satellites
Ismailoglu, N; Benderli, O; Korkmaz, I; Yesil, S; Sever, Ramazan; Sunay, H; Kolcak, T; Tekmen, YC (2003-11-22)
GEZGIN is a real-time image processing subsystem, developed as an R&D payload for BILSAT-1, the first earth observing micro-satellite of Turkey. The main functionality of GEZGIN is to compress in real-time multi-spectral images coming concurrently from the 4-band multi-spectral imager on BILSAT-1, using JPEG2000 Image Compression algorithm. The mission definition of BILSAT-1 imposes a 5.5 seconds interval constraint between two consecutive multi-spectral images with 20% overlap. GEZGIN fullfills this missio...
Artamonoff: Picturing Byzantine Istanbul, 1930-1947
Ergut, Elvan Altan; Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (2014-09-01)
TZAR – time zone based approximation to ring: an autonomous protection switching algortihm for globally resilient optical transport networks
Düzgün, Fatih; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Widespread deployment of new generation high-speed networks, developments in large capacity DWDM technologies, and continuous demand for increasingly resilient global Internet services necessitates a revision on optical transport networks. Considered to be one of the most promising recent phenomena in that sense, OTN is evolving to become a major core switching platform. In this thesis, we briefly present the progress in optical transport networking from hardware architecture and software hierarchy points o...
GEZGIN-2: An advanced image processing subsystem for earth-observing small satellites
Ismailoglu, N; Benderli, O; Yesil, S; Sever, Ramazan; Okcan, B; Oktem, R (2005-06-11)
GEZGIN-2 is a real-time image processing subsystem, currently being developed for RASAT, the second small satellite to be launched by TUBITAK-BILTEN, in 2007. It is an advanced version of the GEZGIN payload, implementing JPEG 2000 image compression algorithm and currently flying on the BILSAT-1 satellite. The main enhancements in GEZGIN-2 are the integration of the full processing path of JPEG 2000 algorithm in a single Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for increased processing performance and high speed...
Kaluza-Klein reduction of a quadratic curvature model
Baskal, Sibel; Kuyrukcu, Halil (2013-02-01)
Palatini variational principle is implemented on a five dimensional quadratic curvature gravity model, rendering two sets of equations, which can be interpreted as the field equations and the stress-energy tensor. Unification of gravity with electromagnetism and the scalar dilaton field is achieved through the Kaluza-Klein dimensional reduction mechanism. The reduced curvature invariant, field equations and the stress-energy tensor are obtained in the actual four dimensional spacetime. The structure of the ...
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