Evaluation of fermentation medium composition and conditions for bacterial pectinase production

Uzuner, Sibel
Çekmecelioğlu, Deniz


Evaluation of abiotic stress tolerance and physiological characteristics of potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Kennebec) that heterologously expresses the rice Osmyb4 gene
Aydin, Gulsum; Yucel, Meral; Chan, Ming-Tsair; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2014-05-01)
MYB transcription factors are involved in diverse biochemical and physiological processes, including hormone signaling, defense, and stress responses. In the present study, we developed a transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Kennebec) expressing the rice Osmyb4 gene, which encodes the transcription factor MYB4. The transgene was under the control of either the constitutive CaMV35S promoter or the stress-induced Arabidopsis COR15a promoter. The potential involvement of MYB4 in certain physiological pr...
Evaluation of cotton stalk hydrolysate for xylitol production
Sapci, Burcu; AKPINAR, ÖZLEM; Bolukbasi, Ufuk; Yılmaz, Levent (2016-01-01)
Cotton stalk is a widely distributed and abundant lignocellulosic waste found in Turkey. Because of its rich xylose content, it can be a promising source for the production of xylitol. Xylitol can be produced by chemical or biotechnological methods. Because the biotechnological method is a simple process with great substrate specificity and low energy requirements, it is more of an economic alternative for the xylitol production. This study aimed to use cotton stalk for the production of xylitol with Candid...
Evaluation of minimum shear reinforcement requirements for higher strength concrete
Ozcebe, G; Ersoy, U; Tankut, T (1999-05-01)
This paper presents an evaluation on the minimum shear reinforcement requirements given in the ACI, Canadian, and Turkish codes for high-strength concrete. Thirteen beams having the minimum shear reinforcement required by ACI 318-83, the Turkish Code, and the equations proposed in this paper were tested Concrete strength varied between so and 80 MPa (8700 and 11,600 psi). For high-strength concrete (f(a)' > 69 MPa), the minimum shear reinforcement requirements of the Turkish Code and ACI 318-95 are not very...
Evaluation of seismic response modification factors for steel structures
Doğruer, Alper; Yılmaz, Çetin; Department of Civil Engineering (1997)
Evaluation of release properties of protein loaded microspheres
Erdemli, O.; Keskin, D.; Ozen, S.; Tezcaner, Ayşen (2012-09-01)
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