Slope stability analysis of a borax stockpile site

Karpuz, Celal
Tutluoğlu, Levend
Stability investigations were conducted for a slope at the back of a borax stockpile site near the Bandirma Harbor in the northwestern Turkey. There was a slope failure at the site causing damage in the concrete sections of the harbour in front. Investigations started with deformation monitoring with an inclinometer. Failure mechanisms were determined with back analysis using method of slices and finite difference models. A combined failure mechanism involving a circular failure surface in the slope and a noncircular part in a weak zone under the stockpile area was found to be responsible for the failures in the region.
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C. Karpuz and L. Tutluoğlu, “Slope stability analysis of a borax stockpile site,” pp. 147–171, 2009, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: