Display by Design: Transformation of Museum Space

The lecture title and its theoretical content have been highly influenced from the post-structuralist discourse developed after 1980’s. Theoretical shifts in historiography that had started questioning the linear flow of events and underlined the significance of memory and fragmented remembrance over institutionalized history; the developments in linguistic theories that presented the notorious arbitrary relationship between signifier and signified and the diachronic and synchronic strata of meanings associated with objects; the developments in visual culture that suggested a shift from the classical viewer to modern observer had formed the foundations of this program. The known aphorism: <<Museum “Dis-play” is a “Visual-Play”>> will be the motto of the applied project, which will aim to create a dynamic, interactive, flexible and aesthetic display environment.
ISA Lecture- Institute of Advanced Studies, (31January 2017)


The “programmatic experimentation” in the work of Gordon Matta-Clark
Beşlioğlu, Bahar; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2008)
This study is a critical inquiry into the changes of the conceptualisations of the term “program” in architectural discourse, particularly after the 1960s and early 1970s. The aim of this thesis is to benefit from the difficulty of defining “program” in architecture as a fruitful, pragmatic and intellectual source. Although several terms, such as “function,” “use,” “occupation,” “activity,” and “event” fulfil some aspects, none of them suggest an exact definition of the term “program” in architecture. Neith...
The Architecture of Knowledge from the Knowledge of Architecture
Erişen, Serdar (2020-07-01)
At the verge of the crisis of production and knowledge, the discourse of university has shown how a modernist theoretical insight upon the nature of subjectivity could have been integrated with a social concern. It is this concern that also signifies the evolution of modern analysis throughout the inquiry of the socio-cultural and political collectivity. The discourse of university in the reinterpretation of the modernist production and knowledge, in that sense, not only gives way to understand the societal...
Revisiting multiple-case study research design in the context of educational administration
Yılık, Mehmet Ali (2018-10-08)
Unlike the dominance of positivist paradigm in the first half of the past century, now we are witnessing not only a wider acceptance of postpositivist or interpretive paradigm in social sciences, but also the latter paradigm’s recognition as part of research design repertoire of educational researchers. Educational researchers strive for researching social phenomena around them by interpreting their surrounding contexts. Today, no less importance has been attributed to qualitative studies than quantitative ...
Convergence of text and reader: a study of textual strategies and the formation of configurative meaning in selected works of fiction
Shadi, Mehran; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of English Literature (2018)
In this study, first, the foundational developments in the domains of linguistics, philosophy of language and literary theory that have led to a transformation of the concept of the reader are reviewed closely. Then, to understand the nature of literary responses, an Interactionalist Model of Readership (IMR) is proposed to explore the two sides of the reader-text interaction and the nature of the final product of the reading act. Using various examples, the interaction between the text and the reader is, t...
Mind the Gap: Reconciling Formalism and Intuitionism in Computational Design Research
Mennan, Zeynep (Delft University of Technology, 2014)
The paper discusses the epistemological and methodological implications of an increasing process of formalisation and naturalisation of knowledge within the context of the complexity paradigm. This process is argued to induce a shift in the nature of notations and representations, to which corresponds an epistemic shift from a graphic to a computational rationality, with substantial effects on current design methodologies and strategies used in computational design. The shortcomings of a heavy formalism are...
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