Effect of Illumination Temperature on Thermally Stimulated Current Spectrum of TlInS2

The effect of pre-illumination on both thermally stimulated current and photocurrent spectra of TlInS2 crystal is investigated. The increase in the photosensitivity of the crystal by several orders of magnitude together with the appearance of a new peak in the thermally stimulated current spectrum are observed as a result of the pre-illumination process. The filling of the traps, especially the sensitizing centers, during the pre-illumination is found to be the most favourable physical mechanism to explain the results.
Turkish Journal of Physics


Effect of thermal neutron irradiation on the elastic constants of tourmaline
Özkan, H. (Informa UK Limited, 1987-2)
The effect of thermal neutron irradiation due to the B10(n, α)Li7 reaction on the elastic wave velocities and the elastic moduli of tourmaline crystals has been studied. Oriented tourmaline samples have been irradiated with thermal neutrons to 7.6 × 1018n/cm2 and the elastic wave velocities determined by ultrasonic measurements. The elastic wave velocities are not affected by thermal neutron irradiation below 8 × 10l7n/cm2, effects starting to appear at approximately 1 × l018n/cm2 with more important decrea...
Effect of temperature and isomorphic atom substitution on optical absorption edge of TlInS2xSe2(1-x) mixed crystals (0.25 <= x <= 1)
Hasanlı, Nızamı (Wiley, 2010-05-01)
The optical properties of the TlInS2xSe2(1-x) mixed crystals (0.25 <= x <= 1) have been investigated through the transmission and reflection measurements in the wavelength range of 400-1100 nm. The optical indirect band gap energies were determined by means of the analysis of the absorption data. It was found that the energy band gaps decrease with the increase of selenium atoms content in the TlInS2xSe2(1-x) mixed crystals. The transmission measurements carried out in the temperature range of 10-300 K reve...
Effect of electrolyte/sulfur ratio in the cathode on the electrochemical performance of Li-S batteries
Emerce, Nur Ber; Külah, Görkem; Eroğlu Pala, Damla; Department of Chemical Engineering (2019)
In this study, the effect of electrolyte to sulfur (E/S) ratio in the cathode, which is an important cell design parameter, on the electrochemical and cell- and system-level performance of a Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) battery is investigated through modeling efforts. First, a 1-D electrochemical model is developed for an isothermal, constant-current discharge of a Li-S cell to predict the voltage at 60% discharge depth. In the model, cathode exchange current density is defined as a linear function of the electro...
Effect of isomorphic atom substitution on the lattice parameters and the optical absorption edge of TIGaSe2-TllnSe2 mixed crystals
Hasanlı, Nızamı (2006-05-01)
The variation of lattice parameters of TlGaSe2-TlInSe 2 mixed crystals with composition have been investigated by using of X-ray diffraction technique. For the mixed crystals studied, a structural phase transition (monoclinic to tetragonal) due to atom substitution is observed when the sum of the tetrahedral covalent radii of the Ga(In) and the Se atoms in Ga(In)Se4 tetrahedra reaches a critical value of about 0.254 nm. From transmission and reflection measurements, the compositional dependence of the indir...
Effect of layer relaxation on the internal photoemission in Pt/Si1-xGex Schottky barrier type infrared detectors
Aslan, B; Turan, Raşit; Nur, O; Karlsteen, M; Willander, M (1999-12-02)
A Schottky type infrared detector fabricated on a p-type Si1-xGex substrate has a higher cut-off wavelength than one on a pure Si substrate because the barrier height of the Schottky junction on p-type Si1-xGex decreases with the Ge content and the induced strain in the Si1-xGex layer. We have studied the effect of the strain relaxation on the internal photoemission and I-V characteristics of a Pt/Si1-xGex Schottky junction with x=0.14. It is shown that the cut-off wavelength of the diode made on a strained...
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S. Özdemir, M. Bucurgat, and E. Bulur, “Effect of Illumination Temperature on Thermally Stimulated Current Spectrum of TlInS2,” Turkish Journal of Physics, pp. 1013–1022, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/77214.