Effect of layer relaxation on the internal photoemission in Pt/Si1-xGex Schottky barrier type infrared detectors

Aslan, B
Turan, Raşit
Nur, O
Karlsteen, M
Willander, M
A Schottky type infrared detector fabricated on a p-type Si1-xGex substrate has a higher cut-off wavelength than one on a pure Si substrate because the barrier height of the Schottky junction on p-type Si1-xGex decreases with the Ge content and the induced strain in the Si1-xGex layer. We have studied the effect of the strain relaxation on the internal photoemission and I-V characteristics of a Pt/Si1-xGex Schottky junction with x=0.14. It is shown that the cut-off wavelength of the diode made on a strained Si0.86Ge0.14 layer is higher than that on a Si substrate as expected. This shows the possibility of tuning the range of these detectors in the midinfrared region. However, the thermal relaxation in the Si0.86Ge0.14 layer is found to reduce the cut-off wavelength to lower values, showing that the difference between the Fermi level of the metal and the valence band edge increases with the layer relaxation. This effect should be taken into account when a Schottky type infrared detector is manufactured on a strained Si1-xGex film. I-V characteristics of the junctions also indicate an increase of the barrier height with the relaxation of Si1-xGex. These results demonstrate the band edge movements in a Si1-xGex layer experimentally agree with the expected changes in the band structure of the Si1-xGex layer with strain relaxation.


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Large, membrane-bound vacuoles of plant cells are suitable organelles for the compartmentation of ions. These vacuoles contain Na+/H+ antiporters for movement of Na+ within the organelle in exchange for H+. They provide an efficient mechanism to prevent the occurance of detrimental outcomes of Na+ accumulation in the cytosol. Identification of AtNHX1 gene that confers resistance to salinity by expressing a Na+/H+ antiport pump facilitates the understanding of the salt stress tolerance mechanisms of plants. ...
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B. Aslan, R. Turan, O. Nur, M. Karlsteen, and M. Willander, “Effect of layer relaxation on the internal photoemission in Pt/Si1-xGex Schottky barrier type infrared detectors,” 1999, vol. 607, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/54619.