Structural rehabilitation and monitiring of a 28 story building

Ersoy, Ugur
Tankut, Tugrul
Türer, Ahmet
Ozcebe, Guney
This paper reports the structural rehabilitation of a 28 story reinforced concrete building. Structural assessment of this building was initiated upon observing damage in one column after five years of service. As a result of this investigation it was concluded that the main cause of damage in the column was temperature induced deformations. A total of 36 circular (spiral) and 46 square (tied) columns were strengthened by steel jacketing. After the completion of rehabilitation, 122 sensors were placed in the building at different locations to monitor the temperature changes and deformations in structural members. In the paper results of seven years of monitoring are also given.
Symposium Honoring James O. Jirsa's Contributions in Structural Concrete: A Time to Reflect at the ACI Spring 2012 Convention, (18 - 22 Mart 2012)


Structural rehabilitation of damaged RC buildings after the 1 october 1995 Dinar earthquake
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