Big data in mHealth

The proliferation of mobile technologies has paved the way for the widespread use of mobile health (mHealth) devices. This in turn generates a large amount of data, which is essentially big data, that can be used for various purposes. In order to obtain the maximum benefit from mHealth data, emerging big data technologies can be employed. In this chapter, the relationship between mHealth and big data is investigated from a sociotechnical perspective. Following an overview of the state-of-the-art, stakeholders and their interests are identified, and the impact of big data on such interests is presented. The opportunities of using big data technologies in the mHealth domain are considered from several viewpoints. Social and economic implications of using big data technologies toward these ends are highlighted. Various challenges exist in the implementation and adoption of mHealth data processing. While there are social challenges including privacy, safety, and a false sense of confidence, there are also technical challenges such as security, standardization, correctness, timely analysis, and domain expertise. Some of these coincide with the challenges of the big data domain, and the others are related to human nature and human capabilities. The use of existing big data platforms requires significant expertise and know-how in data science domain which may hinder the adoption of big data technologies in mHealth. Hence, a solution in the form of a framework that provides higher abstraction level programming models is suggested to facilitate widespread user adoption. Accordingly, user aspects associated with big data in the mHealth domain are discussed.


Exploring behavior change features for mobile workout applications
ÜNAL, Perin; Cavdar, Seyma Kucukozer; Taşkaya Temizel, Tuğba; Eren, Pekin Erhan; IYENGAR, Sriram (2017-08-23)
With the rapid emergence of mobile technologies in recent years, mobile health (m-health) has become fundamental to healthcare. Persuasion strategies and behavior change support features are widely used in m-health applications to increase the effectiveness of these applications on users. However, in the literature, there is a lack of research to analyze the current situation of m-health applications particularly from the perspective of behavior change approaches. In this study, the workout applications in ...
Customer value of mobile services
Zubari, Sinem; Arifoğlu, Ali; Özden, M. Yaşar; Department of Information Systems (2010)
Mobile devices are becoming widely common today. As the number of mobile devices continue to grow all around the world, its functionality is extending and mobile technologies are gaining more popularity in every aspect of our life. Today, wide range of mobile services is offered to people. The purpose of our study is examining the customer value of mobile services for individuals or citizens. A value model for mobile services has been proposed with five dimensions: Functional Value, Social Value, Emotional ...
Integrating social features into mobile local search
KAHVECİ, basri; Altıngövde, İsmail Sengör; ULUSOY, ÖZGÜR (2016-12-01)
As availability of Internet access on mobile devices develops year after year, users have been able to make use of search services while on the go. Location information on these devices has enabled mobile users to use local search services to access various types of location-related information easily. Mobile local search is inherently different from general web search. Namely, it focuses on local businesses and points of interest instead of general web pages, and finds relevant search results by evaluating...
An Open, NFC Enabler Independent Mobile Payment and Identification Method: NFC Feature Box
Turk, Ismail; Coşar, Ahmet (2016-06-24)
The use of Mobile Devices for electronic payment has increased significantly in the last decade. Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile payment is gaining popularity and it is widely considered to be the technology that will turn smartphones into m-wallets. While a typical wallet contains identification, loyalty, public transport and credit cards, m-wallet solutions currently have well-defined standards for credit card enrollment and usage only. In this thesis, we explore and present the main reason for this...
Semantic Edge Caching and Prefetching in 5G
MEHTEROĞLU, Can; DURMUŞ, Yunus; Onur, Ertan (2017-01-11)
Recent popularity of mobile devices increased the demand for mobile network services and applications that require minimal delay. 5G mobile networks are expected to provide much lesser delay than the present mobile networks. One of the conventional ways for decreasing the latency is caching the content closer to the end user. However, currently deployed methods are not effective enough. In this work-in-progress paper, we propose a new astute caching strategy that is able to smartly predict subsequent user r...
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