Investigation of poultry slaughterhouse waste stream to produce bio-fuel for internal utilization
Ozdemir, Saim; Şimşek, Aslı; Özdemir, Serkan; Dede, Cemile (2022-05-01)
© 2022 Elsevier LtdPoultry slaughterhouses generate an abattoir sludge (PAS) that needs proper management in the principles of circular economy and green deal goals that imply a net-zero emissions, more resource efficient and sustainable economy. This study proposes a waste-to-energy approach as a sustainable strategy for water heating by utilizing waste stream and internal usage in poultry slaughterhouse sector. In the study, energy crop Arundo donax (AD) biomass produced by irrigating treated abattoir was...
Investigation of non-methane volatile organic carbon emissions from interior materials used in the intercity buses
Görmez, Baran; Atımtay, Aysel; Department of Environmental Engineering (2004)
The objectives of this study are to determine the non-methane volatile organic carbon emissions from the parts used in the interiors of buses at different temperatures and to analyze the components of these emissions. The total non-methane volatile organic carbon (NMVOC) concentrations in various sections of a bus were measured in order to determine the indoor air pollution in the bus. Different samples of the materials used in the interior parts of the buses were provided by the manufacturing company and t...
Investigation of emission factors of non-methane hydrocarbons some widely used passenger cars in Turkey
Önoğlu, İrem; Atımtay, Aysel; Department of Environmental Engineering (2004)
The objectives of this study are to measure the non-methane volatile organic carbon (NMVOC's) emissions from passenger cars in Turkey having gasoline engines, to determine emission factors of these vehicles for BTEX compounds and comparison of emission factors obtained in this study with the emission factors of the other countries. This study was conducted in two parts: The first part was to determine the categories of passenger cars widely used in Turkey, and also to determine the average carbon monoxide (...
Investigation of the flexible missile fins under aerothermal loadings
Özkökdemir, Emir; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
Wings or fins on the body flying at the supersonic speed are subjected to the aerothermal loading. These loads are categorized into two main groups; aerodynamic pressure and aerodynamic heating. They affect the strength of wings. In this thesis study, a flexible NACA 65-009 wing of a missile flying at supersonic speed is investigated. It is studied to define the effect of the change in wing geometry by the external loads on the flow characteristics. The flow simulations are carried on Ansys Fluent that uses...
Investigation of key-hole weldability of line pipe steel grade x70m in terms of fracture toughness
Çağırıcı, Mehmet; Gür, Cemil Hakan; Yurtışık, Koray; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2017)
Micro-alloyed and thermomechanically rolled HSLA line pipe steels promise optimum strength and toughness. Their microstructure contains generally globular and acicular ferrite. However, the heat induced by welding during line pipe fabrication alters the microstructure at the proximity of the fusion zone which affects indirectly microstructure of the heat affected zone, consequently the fracture toughness, is governed by the chemistry of the material and the thermal cycles during the welding process. In fabr...
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