System Identification and Controller Development for a Small Turbojet Engine

Ekinci, Sinan
Kutay, Ali Türker
Uzol, Oğuz
Yiğittürk, Melih
This paper presents the results of a system identification and controller development study for a small generic turbojet engine. Custom Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system hardware and embedded software are designed and implemented on the engine. The system also controls the automatic start-up sequence for the engine to ensure a safe and guaranteed ignition under all-weather conditions as well as safe acceleration until the engine reaches the idle speed. The shut-down sequence is also controlled to make sure the engine is stopped and cooled-down in a safe manner. Both of these sequences are operated in open-loop. For closed-loop feedback control operation, a dynamic mathematical model of the engine is obtained through a series of system identification tests. The developed FADEC system is used to supply the engine a pre-determined fuel flow rate schedule in open-loop. Various step signals are applied to the fuel pump and the engine’s responses to these commands are recorded. Linear dynamic models are fitted to the responses to represent engine behavior at different speeds. The obtained models are then used to design feedback controllers to regulate engine speed despite changing loads and environmental conditions. Performance of the developed FADEC is demonstrated through bench tests.


SAYRAC, B; YUCEL, MD (1994-04-14)
Presents a study on the design and evaluation of two block coded modulation systems. One of the systems uses a binary construction and quadrature amplitude modulation. The other utilizes a ternary construction and phase modulation. The performance of the two coded schemes are compared theoretically with those of uncoded schemes of the same bandwidth, average power and transmission rate. The ternary scheme is also evaluated practically by computer simulations. Furthermore, the sub-optimum detection algorithm...
Design optimization of a mixed-flow compressor impeller for a small turbojet engine
Cevik, Mert; Uzol, Oğuz (2011-01-01)
Purpose - This paper aims to present the results of a design optimization study for the impeller of a small mixed-flow compressor. The objective of the optimization is to obtain an impeller geometry that could minimize a cost function based on the specific thrust and the thrust specific fuel consumption of a small turbojet engine.
Performance Evaluation of Different Real-Time Motion Controller Topologies Implemented on a FPGA
MUTLU, B. R.; Yaman, Ulaş; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra (2009-11-18)
This paper presents a comprehensive comparison of several real-time motion controller topologies implemented on a field programmable gate array (FPGA). Controller topologies are selected as proportional-integral-derivative controller with command feedforward, sliding mode controller, fuzzy controller, and a hysteresis controller. Controllers and other necessary modules are developed using Verilog HDL and they are implemented on a ML505 development board with a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA chip. In order to take ful...
Performance Analysis of a Micro-scale Model Helicopter Rotor in Hover Flight
Şahin, Mustafa; Kurtuluş, Dilek Funda (2015-09-12)
This experimental study contains the design, production, test and evaluation of the test processes of a Micro-Scale Rotor Test-Rig. For the study, NACA 0012 airfoil section is selected as a rotor blade without a twist and a taper ratio. The tests cover the thrust and the torque relation with different blade pitch angles and RPM values.
Numerical Modelling and Experimental Analysis of Vibratory and Acoustics Behaviours of a Special Design Squirrel-Cage Three-Phase Asynchronous Machine
Ionescu, R. M.; Negoita, A.; N'Diaye, A.; Torregrossa, D.; Djerdir, A.; Miraoui, A.; Scutaru, Gh. (2011-09-10)
The paper presents a comparison between the obtained results from testing a special design 5 kW squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous machine and the numerical model of the same machine, simulated under the FLUX2D Finite Element Software. The aim is to validate the numerical model in the loaded and unloaded cases. The resulting model will be used for further research into the vibratory behaviour and noise of the motor. In this paper, an experimental approach is used to show the influence of load on motor v...
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