How Healthy We Eat and How We Contribute To Sustainability Elementary Students Perceptions



How We Work and How We Might Work
Özoğlu, Burçak (2013-04-17)
How prepared individuals and communities are for evacuation in tsunami prone areas in Europe? Findings from the ASTARTE EU Programme
Lavigne, Frank; Grancher, Delphine; Goeldner Gianella, Lydie; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Doğulu, Nilay; Kânoğlu, Utku; Ve, Diğerleri (2016-04-17)
Understanding social vulnerability to tsunamis provides risk managers with the required information to determine whether individuals have the capacity to evacuate, and therefore to take mitigation measures to protect their communities. In the frame of the EU programme ASTARTE (Assessment, STrategy And Risk reduction for Tsunamis in Europe), we conducted a questionnaire-based survey among 1,661 people from 41 nationalities living in, working in, or visiting 10 Test Sites from 9 different countries. The quest...
How to Create a Friendly Environment for Innovation? A Case for Europe
Ege, Aylin; Ege, A. Yavuz (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-07-01)
It is a misjudgement to assume that R&D subsidies, patent protections or alike are sufficient to promote innovation. In fact, innovations incubate and hatch within an environment, especially if it is a friendly one. The aim of this paper is to look for the major factors which are the building blocks or pillars of such an environment. After discussing and analysing the theoretical and empirical studies on the major social and political factors which are the likely constituents of our inquired environment, fo...
How to develop a sustainable rural-urban fringe (ruf) from the perspective of urban and rural actors? the case of Döşemealtı in Antalya
Okudan, Yaşar; Akkar Ercan, Z. Müge.; Department of City and Regional Planning (2019)
Prior to the 1980s, a settlement system used to be defined in ‘urban’ or ‘rural’ terms, or in terms of its scale or its settlement stratification, such as village, district, town, city, etc. While ‘urban’ referred to be an area in which non-agricultural activities took place with certain form and boundaries, ‘rural’ signified an area with definite boundaries in which the urban features were indirectly lacking. From the 1980s onwards, along with the changing forms of production (from Fordist to Post-fordist)...
How novice instructional designers apply instructional design models? A qualitative study
Uğur Erdoğmuş, Feray; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2017-05-26)
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