Impact of design-related workshops as extracurricular activities on industrial design students' educational and professional development

The last couple of years have witnessed an increase in the number of workshops related to design, which are organized as extracurricular activities for students. Despite the rising interest and participation of industrial design students in these workshops, we do not encounter any systematic research focusing on this subject. Addressing this gap, this study captures the overall picture of industrial design students’ participation in extracurricular design workshops. This study is particularly interested in their motivations for participating in these workshops as well as their expectations with regards to their education and professional development. Two research methods were employed to collect data from industrial design students from five universities in Turkey. At the first stage of data collection, descriptive questionnaires were completed with 315 students to understand the overall level of participation in workshops. At the second stage, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 26 students who have a particular interest in workshops. The findings of this study show that students have various expectations from workshops in relation to their both educational and professional development.
Twelfth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices (5 - 7 Mart 2018)


Design juries as a means of assessment and criticism in industrial design education: a study on metu department of industrial design
Ilgaz, Anıl; Korkut, Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2009)
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Kaygan, Pınar; Aydınoğlu, Arsev Umur (2018-09-01)
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Analysing design processes: a study on graduation projects of industrial design students
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This study analyses students̕ design processes within a graduation project that is devised as to approximate a real-life design task. It comprises a literature search on developments in design methodology, and two field studies, a participant observation study followed by long interviews with a selection of the observation sample. Through the literature search, a framework representing the nature of the design activity is brought together on the basis of three studies in descriptive design methodology. Toge...
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