Powertech touched MLD, METU

Pathways that inspire us: Proceedings of the Sabancı University School of Languages International Conference, (4 - 05 Mayıs 2018)


PowerTech Touched MLD
Balbay, Seher; Erkan, Gökçe (null; 2018-05-05)
Powertech Touched MLD
Balbay, Seher; Erkan, Gökçe (2018-07-01)
Power stage design and implementation of a deploymentmechanism driver for space applications
Özdemir, Başak Gonca; Hızal, Mirzahan; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
With the developments in space technology, the capabilities of spacecrafts have been increased considerably which in turn have entailed the development of more efficient spacecrafts in terms of cost, mass, size and power. One way to achieve such a development is the replacement of body mounted appendages with the deployable ones, which greatly reduces the size, mass and cost of the spacecraft especially when large appendages are considered. In order to obtain these deployable structures, deployment mechanis...
Power Delay Product Optimized Hybrid Full Adder Circuits
Rashid, M.; Muhtaroglu, A. (2017-09-17)
Data processing performed by adder circuits need to achieve low delay and low power at the same time while maintaining low cost, due to the steep growth in mobile computation devices. Recently proposed 1-bit full adder design that hybridizes transmission gates (TG) and standard CMOS offers significant PDP improvement. Two full adder implementations are presented in this paper which further optimizes the previously presented circuits: First (CKT1) deploys GDI-cell based XNOR module to decrease PDP, while the...
Energy Packet Networks With Energy Harvesting
Gelenbe, Erol; Ceran Arslan, Elif Tuğçe (2016-01-01)
We investigate the cooperation among energy prosumers (unified energy provider and consumer) through the energy packet network (EPN) paradigm, which represents both the flow of work that requires energy, and the flow of energy itself, in terms of discrete units. This paper details a stochastic model of EPNs, which is inspired from a branch of queuing theory called G -networks. The model allows us to compute the equilibrium state of a system that includes energy storage units, energy transmission networks, a...
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